In this spiritual S-word series, we’ve had SENT, SERVE and SIT, we conclude with the word SEEK, which is a way of thinking about prayer. In this Bible reading, Jesus teaches that prayer can be as simple as repeating the Lord’s Prayer. He also teaches what to do when prayer feels useless and dry. And, finally Jesus says, when you pray ask, search, knock. Prayer isn’t just repeating words or asking for things. Prayer is SEEKING the attention,
SEEKING the goodness, SEEKING the presence of the God who loves us. Let’s seek
God together right now. 

Watch to the end of the sermon for a very powerful testimony from a long time member, Gary Sams. As a trained computer engerineer, he has been Bethel's IT department for over thirty years. The lessons he's learned about God through his study of computers are applicable to everyone, even those who are not computer savy.