The Story of Paul

This worship series delves into the remarkable journey of Saul, who became the Apostle Paul.

Through powerful teachings, engaging worship, and personal reflection, the series explores the themes of redemption, encounters with God, forgiveness, embracing new identities, and the ongoing journey of growth. Drawing from the transformative story of Paul, we encourage everyone to reflect on their own lives, recognize the power of God's transformative work, and embrace the potential for radical change and purpose in their own journeys of faith.

Sonshine Production's, our youth musical drama ministry, has been perfoming biblical stories as musical dramas for over forty years. In 1993, "Chains" was written and incorported into the show rotation.

As a way to feature this ministry, and showcase our talanted youth and leaders, we've partnered with Sonshine to create an engaging and thought provoking series we hope you'll love.