This Mother's Day,
honor your mother by helping another. 

Join us in supporting Little Bottoms Free Store. Donate any of the 3 essential items or make a monetary contribution.


Bring your donations to church between 4/30-5/14

Or, make a financial contribution online now.

Make A Difference $20

(The price of a card and a coffee date.)

Make A Difference $50

(The price of 1 bouquet of flowers.)

Make A Difference $100

(The price of a traditional jewelry gift.)


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The Village It Takes To Raise A Child
Get to know Little Bottoms Free Store

Little Bottoms desires to create a safe and consistent, reliable space for families to show up, be loved, and build relationships of mutual care and concern, building the foundation for the village it takes to raise a child.

More About Their Mission

In 2022, they distributed nearly 76,000 diapers, 12,000 outfits and over 2000 packs of wipes to over 1300 children. Denise Kilgore, Acting Director, walks us through their space and the processes necessary to prepare our donations for the mothers and families they serve.

Volunteer At Little Bottoms

It’s their belief that they have connected with 25% of Columbus families with children age 3 and under who fall below the poverty line at least once since 2019. Learn about the mothers and families your donations are supporting and the impact that Little Bottoms Free Store is having on central Ohio.

View The 2020-2021 Impact Report