Grow With Us
Join our Lenten Bible study, At The Cross, as we continue to study what we can leave at the cross and what we can take with us, in this life and in our continued spiritual journeys.

Below is an outline for each week and all the information you need to join us in person or online via Zoom. 

March 6 / Mark 8:31-39

What to leave there: Your "Self"
What to pick up: The Cross

March 13 / Philippians 3:4-16

What to leave there: Everything
What to pick up: Knowing Christ

March 20 / Colossians 3:5-17

What to leave there: What is Worldly
What to pick up: What is of Christ

March 27 / John 21:15-19

What to leave there: Failure & Tears
What to pick up: Forgiveness & Purpose

Worship With Us
The Gospels record Jesus speaking seven times while on the cross. Referred to as the ‘Seven Last Words of Christ,’ these sayings are deeply moving and powerfully encouraging.

Each Sunday during Lent one or two words will inspire the message.  The list of words below is an outline for this series. 

Lenten Worship Series

Our worship series for Lent will lead us to the mystery and wonder of the cross through these Seven Last Words of Christ. Each Sunday you will be invited to come to the cross, leaving there a burden or temptation...your brokenness. And each week, you will receive a gift or blessing from the cross. Come this season to the cross for the Seven Last Words of Christ. Part one starts on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd. 

Celebrate & Reflect With Us

Join us for the events and services listed below during this season of Lent.

Join us for our Palm Sunday Celebration!
Reflect during Holy Week with our Stations of the Cross
Commemorate The Last Supper on Maundy Thursday.
Reflect with a guided devotional tour, led by our senior pastor.
Celebrate the rising of Christ with us on Easter Sunday.
Worship with our Korean-Speaking congregation on Good Friday.