Thank you for praying for us.
Set a reminder, add it on your calendar, or set an alarm for 6:20PM every day. Call or text each other, and remember to pray each day at 6:20PM.

Oh Holy Spirit,

We ask you to break through today to turn the Bethel vision into reality.

We honor you as we WELCOME and AFFIRM all people and as we WORSHIP in many languages.

Stir us up to SERVE our neighbors as Jesus served and to ACT JUSTLY by opposing evil and injustice.

Break through with Christ’s LOVE that breaks down all barriers.

In Christ’s name,


More About our Prayer

Bethel International Church’s Leadership Board has formed a Planning Team to identify key ministry priorities for next year. As part of our 2023 planning work, we are asking everyone to pray our breakthrough prayer every day at 18:20--that is, military time for 6:20PM.

Our scripture is Matthew 18:20, which reads: If two of you agree on earthabout anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where twoor three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

Put it on your calendar for 6:20 every day, or set an alarm on your phone, call or text each other, and remember to prayeach day at 6:20.