For my personal Lenten journey, I have decided to give each week to an organization that feeds the hungry or helps the needy. 

Oh, I will also worship during Lent, do daily devotions and a weekly fast, and take part in our Lenten study. But part of our devotion to God is to care for God’s people. In Isaiah 58 God asks: Is not the fast I choose to loose the bonds of injustice, to share your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house?

I have selected five organizations about which I have personal knowledge, ones I trust to use my gifts faithfully. Each meets the needs of vulnerable people and bears witness to the good we can do together. Each week I will pray for one organization and the people it serves. May all God’s children have strength, abundance and dignity.  

4. BIUMC'S “Helping Neighbors in Need Fund”

Being able to help our neighbors when they need it is what community is all about. Let's build up a fund to do just that. Click the button below to give directly to this cause. 

Give $10

To the "Helping Neighbors in Need Fund”

Give $25

To the "Helping Neighbors in Need Fund”

Give $50

To the "Helping Neighbors in Need Fund”


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5. Worthington Resource Pantry

“Connecting neighbors to food, resources and one another,” is WRP! During Lent, instead of sharing a can or two of food, bring to church an entire case of canned goods. Or two.