Our "God In Me Sees The God In You" series started as an idea to counter some of the separation and isolation we felt during the pandemic. Our series has ended, but the desire to continue getting to know each other, through God's image, is stronger than ever before.

We believe the more we know about someone's lived experiences, the harder it is to place judgement from a far. Breaking down barries by turning judgement into compassion creates a way to intentionally connect with God's image in all of us, even when we do not agree, bringing about love where it might not have existed before. And, it's that love that builds connection with others, even when we may not think alike, we can recognize that we all have the commonality of being children of God.  

So, let's share our God stories!


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We encourage you to tell your story in a way that suits you best. You can write it in the form, make art out of it, record a video for it or record just your voice and your own words. Whether a single approach or a combination of ways, please Include any media you have created to share your story with us by clicking the button below.

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