Bethel International United Methodist Church


Looking for a place that you feel like you're a part of a diverse and loving family?

Today, our church is trying to live into how God created us and who God is calling us to be. In 2011, our church made the bold move of becoming a truly international church community, not just allowing space usage, but welcoming, through merger, a Korean church with all its culture and language. Almost two years ago, in response to the refugee status among a growing Nepalese Christian population in Columbus, the Jyoti Church was welcomed into the Bethel family. As God continues to awaken us to who we can become in our unique location on Bethel Road, we have entered into faith relationships with the businesses and schools that surround us. We get more excited about the international ministries within our own church: English as a Second Language (ESL), Conversation Partners, our Christian Preschool (more than 60% foreign), interfaith dialogue and global missions. Committees, choirs, support groups, meals, outreach and worship begin to take on a new complexion. We become a new, relevant body of Christ for a new age and for the age to come. We welcome you to our church and hope that you find a place to belong.