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This is our sign along Bethel Road this week.  After another devastating earthquake in Haiti and the Taliban take-over in Afghanistan, I know you join me in praying for safety and support for the people of those countries.  Yet in the face of such tragedies, we can feel so helpless.  We long to do more than pray. 

Please understand I am not making light of prayer.  Jesus taught us to pray.  I never say, “I guess now all we can do is pray . . .” because prayer is something we can do.  Walter Wink wrote:  prayer changes the world and changes what is possible to God.  But Jesus did not teach us to offer only prayer and nothing else.  What more can we do for Haiti and Afghanistan? 

            For Haiti, we can GIVE.  Haitians need emergency shelter, water and food; they will need long-term help rebuilding.  The United Methodist Committee on Relief—UCMOR—has a large presence in Haiti.  Click this link to give to UMCOR, either online or by check:   Select Advance #982450 for Haiti.  I have made a financial contribution and I continue to pray for Haiti.

            For Afghanistan, it is difficult to know how to have an impact inside that country right now.  But there are already Afghan refugees in Columbus and more will come.  I recently connected an Afghan family with ESL classes.  Sarah and I have built relationships with neighborhood children from Afghanistan.  One local agency that assists refugees in Columbus is CRIS—Community Refugee and Immigration Services:  CRIS Ohio.  CRIS needs financial contributions, and also has volunteer opportunities and community events.  I have made a contribution to CRIS and I continue to pray for Afghanistan.

            The sign says it and we are doing it—praying for Haiti and Afghanistan.  If you long to do more, here is how.


Pastor Glenn

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