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Reading Luke

On March 15, our 2021 Bible Reading Plan turns to the Gospel of Luke.  Here are some things to keep your eyes open for as you read Luke:

  • The Great Reversal Notice how often in Luke the poor and despised become the heroes, while the rich and privileged are the villains--beginning with the songs of Mary and Zechariah (chapter 1) and continuing with parables such as the Good Samaritan (10) and whom Jesus tells us to invite to dinner (14).  For Luke’s Jesus, justice is a reversal of those on top and those on the bottom of society. 
  • Women In keeping with our “Women, Jesus & Justice” series, Luke’s gospel has more female characters than any other gospel.  What roles do women play in Luke?
  • Eating and Feasting One teacher has said that Jesus eats his way through Luke.  Eating together has cultural and religious significance.  Jesus eats with the “wrong” kind of people.  And feasting is a metaphor for the kingdom--life the way God intends it.
  • An Unfinished Story Luke is the only gospel with a sequel.  Luke also wrote Acts, which continues the story of Jesus’ disciples after the resurrection.  We’ll read Acts next.
  • Question: What does Luke’s Jesus ask of us?  What does it mean to follow Jesus, in Luke?  John emphasizes believing.  Mark emphasizes dropping other loyalties and being committed solely to Jesus and his kingdom.  Chapter by chapter in Luke, ask yourself:  What does Jesus want of me?  What does it mean to be his disciple?

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