Bethel International United Methodist Church
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"Celebrating the offering is a spiritual act of worship every believer can actively participate in each week. Giving becomes a celebration when the believer discovers the joy of generosity, which grows out of God's grace."

— Melvin Amerson, Celebrating the Offering


TITHES & OFFERINGS are a key way to support the operational budget for the church.  This joyous giving allows the leadership to budget for the wide and far-reaching ministry of the church.  We have made giving as easy and convenient as we can with online, Electronic Funds Withdrawal, text giving or traditional plate and envelope giving.  

THE CAPITAL CAMPAIGN is our "second mile giving" and is used or designated projects.  Our current campaign is called "Seize the Day for 500 in 5".  This campaign consists of improvements and additions to the building and grounds as well as ministry, staff and administration expansion, all under evangelistic focus of having 500 people in worship in 5 years.  

We pray you will find the joy in Jesus' words that "it is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35).    

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