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Prevention of Child Abuse Policy

It is an important goal of the Bethel United Methodist Church to provide a safe and secure environment for all children and youth entrusted to our care. We do this to encourage children, youth and their families to come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to grow in their faith and knowledge of His love. A safe and secure environment includes the following written policy to help prevent occurrence of child abuse, and is for the protection of our children, youth, staff, volunteers and the entire Bethel family.

Churches need to be prepared. This is the legal reason for creating child safety policies, but there is a deeper, more significant reason—to protect our children and youth. There is no automatic protection from evil for Christians. We are to watch and be ready. Accidents will always happen. There will always be unforeseen circumstances that need to be handled. We need to recognize that many of the incidents that might occur are preventable. It takes the commitment of leaders, training, supervision, and a comprehensive set of practices to reduce or eliminate the frequency and severity of these events. We have a passion for children and youth and ministry with them, and this policy is intended to express the great value we place on each of their lives and safety.

Our policy applies to all current or future volunteers and staff of the Bethel United Methodist Church and Bethel Christian Preschool, compensated or volunteer, who will have the responsibility of supervising the activities of preschoolers, children, youth, and mentally handicapped persons. All staff members of Bethel are presumed to be working with the youth and or children of the church and must comply with the Safe Sanctuary and Prevention of Child Abuse policies. All staff and volunteers are responsible for reading, understanding and following this policy. Supplemental employment policies and all other policies for Bethel Christian Preschool, including but not limited to the state licensing requirements for the Preschool, will be a separate policy maintained by the Preschool Director.

The church screens workers to protect children entrusted to our care. The level of screening relates to the worker’s amount of contact and duties with children or youth. It is not an issue of whether the worker is paid or volunteer, but rather, the individual’s responsibilities in working with minors. Safeguarding our children should be our highest priority.

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