Other Ministries

Bethel United Methodist Church provides a variety of worship ministries for all age levels and interests to enable participants to experience God's love through fellowship with one another, and encounter opportunities for personal growth through worship, Christian education, outreach and mission. Information on current programs and ministries are provided by age level and interest groupings.


Wellness Ministry Team

The Wellness Ministry Team’s mission statement is to encourage personal responsibility for optimal health of the body, mind, and spirit; and to foster an environment of caring within the church community.

We plan one to two formal educational programs a year plus several blood pressure screenings with other information, including glucose screening. In the past, we have also provided Flu vaccines and CPR training, along with programs on Healthy Heart, developing Portion Plate control habits and a seminar with Dr. William Malarkey on his book Take Control of Your Aging.

We welcome any suggestion for offering programs related to health topics and invite anyone interested in joining our Wellness Team.


Congregational Care Ministry Team

The Congregational Care Team has the goal of unifying, strengthening and expanding our family.  We developed the attendance and information cards currently used in our worship services to gain your input on issues you feel are important and to gather prayer and information requests.  We sponsored the Family picnic and are developing a greeting card ministry so the Family can help celebrate birthdays and other significant life events with you.

  • Nurturing
  • Witness
  • Outreach