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International Christmas CARDS

Supporting the Live Nativity.

Dear Members and Friends of Bethel International United Methodist Church,

When I was younger my mother would sometimes do home-made Christmas cards.  I was never sure if it was because we couldn’t afford store bought cards or because she really liked doing it.  Probably some of both.  Over the years I was amazed to learn that some of her friends kept her cards and actually seemed to treasure them.  Sadly, I seem to have only kept one myself.  I have come to understand that time spent on making homemade cards is part of the gift.

I am proposing that the members and friends of Bethel International United Methodist Church make a gift to each other and to the community of ‘International Christmas Cards.”  The cards would be painted on 4 x 8 plywood and would be arranged around the parking lot, lighted at night.

The “cards” would be on display from  early December, 2020 to January 6, 2021.  They would be in support of Bethel’s LIVE NATIVITY, planned for two nights close to Christmas.   This truly spectacular event will feature live animals and wonderful music and lots of folks in costumes to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.  We are hoping that many of our neighbors who may not be as familiar with the Christmas story as we are will see some of the scenes that warm our hearts: shepherds watching their flocks, the Wise Men from the East, a multitude of heavenly hosts and of course the manger scene.

In addition to offering your talents and resources to support the LIVE NATIVITY, I am hoping that you will commit to making an International Christmas Card.  Donald and I have done three and are hoping to make a fourth.  The first one we made says, Stille Nachte, Heiliege Nachte, which is celebrating German Heritage and a nod to Donald’s mother who always recalled singing Silent Night in German when she was young.  The second one is a Madonna and Child and reminds of us of the many missionary trips we took to Honduras 20 years ago.  The third has a focus on my Native American Heritage.  If we do a fourth it will celebrate our friendship with Susan Nidaye (former attendee) and will represent Senegal.

I believe that each of you has been to a place or would like to go to a place that would make a great International Christmas Card.  If you do not want to do an original picture I have samples pictures from around the world and the internet can do translations so your message can be in the native language.

Donald and I are most happy to help with “technical details” (how thick is the plywood, what kind of paint, how will you get them to stand up…. 614.272.5404 or and Kathy Young is coordinating the volunteer artists (who is making a card, what country or culture is represented…).  If you are willing to create a card please contact Kathy ( or 614.513.5735) so we will know how many spot lights to get.  Think about this, pray about this.

Please think about doing this. Donald and I are NOT artists (engineer and math teacher) and if we can do this anybody can.  Perhaps a small group or Sunday School class would like to work together.  I would be a good gift to the community.

Peggy and Don Kasten

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