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Cardboard Testimony


In worship on October 13, we had a “Cardboard Testimony.”  About 15 people shared on posters—in about 15 words or less—how Jesus has touched and changed their lives.  You can see the video of this powerful testimony here on our website . . .

After this presentation, I invited everyone to write down their own story, in a few words, of how Jesus had touched and changed their life.  Here are those testimonies:

I was once Lost, but now I am found
I was once Homeless, now have shelter 
I was once an Alcoholic, but now am clean
I give All Thanks to
God . . . My Family . . . My Church

Moved 300 miles from home for a job opportunity. 
Found a new home through Bethel.

I get to love on teens who are not my own. 
God has provided a family of friends here who I will always cherish.

Strength to get through the NICU with our son.
Found Bethel at a time in life that was very much needed.

Got a gun pointed at my head but he didn’t pull the trigger. 
Came out of the situation alive and stronger than ever.

Before Jesus: So concerned about me and my failings.
After Jesus: Concerned for others and being kind to them.

Helpless. Thought life was meaningless.  Wanted to die.
Now I’m eager to see what tomorrow has in store. 

Aimless . . . now  Purposeful
Fatherless, Lost Insecure . . .
Now Eternal Father’s love, found, and totally secure

God renewed my life by leading me through a tragedy.
Worry, anxiety . . .
Now God is always with me and in control no matter the situation!!

I lost my husband a little over a year ago,
But Jesus helped me to get through it
Praise the Lord!

Before Jesus: A life filled with guilt, shame and anxiety
After Jesus: A life filled with Jesus’ love and forgiveness
   A life filled with worthiness because I know Jesus is a loving and forgiving God.
   I matter because of Him!

Before Jesus: Loss, fear, struggle, hopelessness, afraid
After Jesus: God loves myself and my husband
   And He has our best interest in his plan for us
   And holds us in the palm of his hand.
   Thank you, God.

Before Jesus: Fear of rejection, Hating myself
After Jesus: Living beloved of Christ
Jesus blesses each day more than I deserve.  I love Him!

I was disconnected, hurt, angry. I was lost.
But now I am Found. Praise be to Jesus!!

Before Jesus: Profound sadness, desperation 
After Jesus: putting my head in Jesus’ lap. 

I was Lonely . . .
But had a family here too

I was Lost Big Time! 3rd marriage failing.
But Jesus stepped into my life in an unexpected way.
So grateful to be his now! Praise his name.  Amen!

Before Jesus: Afraid and fearful of the future
After Jesus: Found . . . Hope . . . Joy

Before Jesus: Worthless
After Jesus: Valued and needed!

I was lost.
But now my feet have been directed on a path that God wants me to follow.

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