Bethel International United Methodist Church
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Prayer for a New School Year

Dear Jesus, come alongside all who are returning to school. 

--We ask first for every child, every one, to be safe at school.  Heal the violence that afflicts our land, and keep harm far from our students.

--Lord, make every school a better school—grant to every student a guiding light, a reason to study and learn, a life and career to aspire to, and a teacher who cares for them.

--And God, let there be kindness and love in every school.  As they learn reading and science, let our children and youth also learn caring and compassion.

--Grant wisdom and strength, dear Lord, to all who teach.  Let all trouble and stress be removed from their rooms, so their focus can be on teaching.  Bless them with success every day and help them build a great next generation.

--For every custodian, cook and aide, Lord, we give you thanks.  Surround every school and everyone at school with your protection.  God, make school a blessing this year.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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