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"Thanks and Giving"

An opportunity to cast a positive vision

       Intolerance, hateful speech, and violence targeted at certain people require two types of responses.  On the one hand, we must denounce all kinds of bullying, name-calling and threats.  If we do not denounce such behavior, we silently signal that it is acceptable.  It is not.  The necessity of resistance is seen in words attributed to Martin Niemoeller, a German pastor who spent years in a concentration camp for opposing Nazism in the 1930s:


                But denouncing what is wrong is not enough.  We must also cast a vision of what is right.  Our church—Bethel International United Methodist Church—does just that.  Rather than spread fear and suspicion of “foreigners,” we partner with immigrants in worship and service.  An upcoming opportunity to cast a positive vision is “Thanks and Giving”—right here in our sanctuary at 7:00 pm on Thursday, Nov. 15.  Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus will pray and give thanks together. 

            In the name of Jesus, we call out all demeaning, excluding behavior.  And in a spirit of love, we cast a vision of unity and mutual respect.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Glenn

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