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Stewardship Campaign

Better than a Root Canal

October will be the fall Stewardship Campaign. I know . . . some people would rather have a root canal than go through a Stewardship Campaign. Isn’t that when the church asks us for money? Well . . . yes, it is. And in fact we’ll be asking for money with special urgency this fall. This year several generous families have moved away. And a couple of staff positions here have been funded through a capital campaign that ends next summer. Both of these will leave big holes in our budget. So yes, I intend to ask you for generous giving in 2019; Carolyn and I will give generously ourselves.

But the Stewardship Campaign is not focused on money. It is focused on how God has changed, is changing, and will continue to change lives through this church. The theme will be “Something Old, Something New.” Just as God changed lives in times past in old familiar ways, we trust that God will continue to change lives in ways we are only beginning to imagine. Throughout the month of October we’ll express our gratitude to God, we celebrate all the ministries of this church, we’ll cast a vision for the future, and we’ll make clear that there’s a place for YOU in this church, no matter your age, status or abilities. You should get a letter and pledge card in the mail by the first of October or so. If you don’t, please contact me—we want everyone to have it. It’s not a root canal; it’s an opportunity to respond to God’s grace and to take our church into God’s future. And we’ll spend all pf October thanking God for Something Old, Something New.

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