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Sermon August 13, 2017

STORYLINE... Joseph's Setbacks and Me

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What makes a story great? How can you choose to see your own life’s story, with its ongoing plot twists, as part of a larger narrative—God’s very own story? Then, as you begin discovering your own life themes, how can you co-write your story with God’s as it unfolds? During these four Sundays, we’ll be comparing our personal stories with the great Old Testament story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50), an unlikable and unlikely hero with bold dreams, his father’s favor, and a script of tests and trials that, in time, connect him to the divine nature and eternal storyline of God.

August 6, 2017  (Holy Communion)

  • STORYLINE… Joseph’s Life at 17 and Me 
  • Genesis 37:5-8 

August 13, 2017 (John Henderson preaching) 

  • STORYLINE… Joseph’s Setbacks and Me 
  • Genesis 39:6-10 

August 20, 2017 

  • STORYLINE… Joseph’s New Identity and Me 
  • Genesis 41:39-45

August 27, 2017 

  • STORYLINE… Joseph’s Forgiveness and Me 
  • Genesis 50:15-20 

This sermon series will be based on Sarah Heath’s new book: What’s Your Story? … Seeing Your Life Through God’s Eyes (How Joseph’s Story Can Help You Tell Yours), Abingdon Press, 2017. Small groups will be encouraged to use Sarah’s book and follow along during or after the series.